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National Law Enforcement Day dedicated to those who 'protect and serve'

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Today is a day to honor all members of law enforcement who put their lives on the line with the tough job of making sure the public remains safe.

National Law Enforcement Day was created to make sure every member of those who vow to 'protect and serve' are acknowledged.

The national day was founded in 2015 as a way to thank officers across the country for the daily sacrifices they are willing to make.

A normal day can turn from routine traffic stops to an armed stand-off in the blink of an eye. Officers who suit up are constantly taking a chance, but stand tall to protect each and every individual.

One way to show support is by changing the cover photo on any social media account you may may to reflect a symbol that honors police. 

That reflection can be a picture, or as simple as the color blue.

Concerns of Police Survivors, or 'COPS', has a Facebook page full of photos you can use to show support.

There are also numerous other ways to show support.

When out and about in town, you can wear any article of blue clothing.

Citizens are also encouraged to write a letter, and stick it in the mail. The letter can be addressed to your local law enforcement agency, whether that be city, county or even state officers.

As referenced earlier, social media is taking part to help show support.

Share a positive experience of your interaction with law enforcement on social media and use the hash tag #NationalLawEnforcementAppreciationDay

Residents can also take part in project blue light: by switching out the porch light or any visible light on your home to the color blue.

A simple showing of thank you could be to buy them lunch when you visit the same location they do.

Despite the different ways of showing appreciation, the easiest and most direct is if you see a member of law enforcement while out, stop, shake their hand, and take the time to say thank you.

For more information about National Law Enforcement Day and how to show appreciation, visit the Concerns of Police Survivors website here.

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