Our Perspective on downtown Amarillo

Our Perspective on downtown Amarillo

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - An interesting comparison to our downtown development may be how a seed can sprout and begin to grow into something mighty large.

The downtown Embassy Suites convention hotel is celebrating its opening this week after playing host to early guests and meetings for several weeks.

That's yet another signal of movement on the catalyst projects meant to spur downtown development.

The city's parking garage is up and running, but the retail spaces on the ground floor remain empty.

The developer says potential tenants are waiting to move forward closer to the opening of the ballpark.

That's understandable given the city just awarded a construction contract for the stadium in October, and work on the facility right now consists of moving dirt around and tearing up the City Hall parking lot that will be part of the site.

The plan is currently to have the San Antonio Missions team relocated here and be ready to play ball in the Spring of 2019.

Our perspective is that downtown Amarillo has potential.

Potential is like a check in the old days - it's not really worth anything until it's cashed or deposited.

With these developments and private businesses continuing to build, I feel like the checks are starting to be cashed and the excitement is building as we go into 2018.

What is your Perspective?

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