American Legion and Home Depot honoring veterans with Post 671

American Legion and Home Depot honoring veterans with Post 671

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - As we honor the courage and sacrifice of those heroes in Pearl Harbor today, American Legion in Borger is honoring their veterans as they began construction Post 671 today, thanks to an almost $25,000 grant from Home Depot.

"This is a very big deal, not just for Borger,Texas, but for the American legion statewide as an organization," said John Hince, State Commander with the American Legion Dept. of Texas. "This moves us a step forward into giving us a public presence."

Veterans say while they may not be on active duty, they are still ready to serve.

"We're going to initiate a youth shooting program, and kids can get full ride scholarships in that program and go to college on their shooting skills," said Kevin Black, Commander of American Legion: Post 671. "We have art contests. We're going to have kids competing to paint the inside of our building, put murals on our walls."

About 50 volunteers from Texas and Oklahoma showed up to build and help home Home Depot meet their mission.

"To find a safe place for all veterans. For them, a place to call home," said Amanda Harris, Store Manager with the Home Depot on Georgia Street. "So it starts really from the ground up, so we've redone the kitchen. We're redoing the bathroom today."

Post 671 says the new Legion will partner with the community to provide for its heroes.

"We need to break that caricature of the American Legion being a dark, dingy bar where people are walking around drinking beer," said Hince.

The Legion wants to make sure after serving our country, they are welcomed back with open arms.

"We've got a lot of veterans that don't get out, they don't come outside they don't enjoy life anymore," said Black. "You come home and it seems like the door gets shut sometimes, and we're trying to open that back up and show people we're grateful."

The remodel is hoping to leave a lasting legacy for veterans.

"It's going to make the American Legion a lot more visible to help the veterans and help the community," said Don Sherman, 18th District Commander of the American Legion.

Home Depot says with the amount of volunteers on hand, they expect the post to be finished tomorrow.

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