Amarillo community providing resources to homeless

Amarillo community providing resources to homeless

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - As Amarillo's Tent City works to garner funds for permanent land, the City of Amarillo say it's providing resources to those who live there.

"We're offering services so that they have the resources of the Fire Marshall department to make sure they're not creating any hazardous situations in regards to fire," said City Manager Jared Miller. "We're providing resources from our mental health division of the police department."

City staff from the Code and Environmental Health Department are also providing inspections.

"To make sure that they're compliant with city ordinances and state laws, and providing any notice of any potential violations so they can address them in a timely manner," said Miller.

There is no one single 'reason' why people are homeless.

Every person without a bed of their own has a different story to tell, and organizations like the Salvation Army want them to know they are here for them.

"We find that families have more of a difficulty once they get in a situation where they become homeless to deal with all the issues to re-establish themselves," said Major Harvey Johnson of the Salvation Army, "Like goods they need for their housing, providing child care for their children."

As the cold weather rolls in, the shelter tends to see a higher demand for service and will make room as needed.

Major Johnson spoke about what the Salvation Army's ultimate goal really is.

"Incrementally, move from homelessness into permanent housing where they won't repeat that cycle again," said Major Johnson.

As for rumors that people have to pay to stay there, a fee is assessed after 30 days, but the fee is waived when one is following the structure of a shelter.
"We don't charge anything. You can stay here for two years if you're working on your case plan and like to get Amarillo College and get a certificate or a degree," said Major Johnson. "That's what we want to have, sometimes people need a little bit of encouragement to move in that direction."

You can find more information on resources here and here.

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