Tent City residents not losing hope

Tent City residents not losing hope

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - About a month ago, the former Tent City location was shut down.

The homeless campers, led by a private citizen, formed Christ Church: Camp of New Beginnings.

This past weekend they were told they may have to relocate again today.

"Last minute, we were able to make an agreement with the land owner that we can both live with, so now we have permission to be here for another month and continue on at that," said Amanda Hunter, founder of Christ Church: Camp of New Beginnings.

The lease will be month-to-month. The camp is hoping to secure funding to purchase different land that will allow campers to stick together.

"Two different people got into housing already, from this camp," said Hunter. "We have four or five that recently got jobs that didn't have jobs before, so it's making a difference. The love of community is making a difference in their lives."

The land adjacent to the camp is owned by the L. G. Crow Family Estate and they're concerned about the camp conditions.

"We would be so willing to try and help a non-profit organization get the land that's there. It could be utilized at some point for a homeless shelter but not where there's no public utilities and sewage," said Keith Grayes-Crow, from the L.G. Crow Family Estate.

With an expected cold front, the camp knows tents aren't the most sturdy but say the heart of their campers won't waver.

"I mean we'll lose lives over the cold if they're not able to get to warm places," said Katherine Pledger, Public Relations for Christ Church: Camp of New Beginnings. "And when they're here, we can connect them with the shelters that will open up to them."

We were unable to receive comment from the city today, but the camp, who will meet with the Amarillo City Council tomorrow, has hope.

"To get the land and be able to work with the city to establish a tiny home village that we can come up to code with, and that it can serve as a last step out of homelessness," said Hunter.

For more information on the camp, visit their Facebook.

You can donate to their GoFundMe or visit Amarillo National Bank where they will take donations under 'Amanda Hunter/Christ Church: Camp of New Beginnings.'

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