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Affordable Christmas Store helping area families this Christmas

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Mission Amarillo is hosting an Affordable Christmas Store, giving parents an opportunity to purchase toys at a discount.

"We're working with the Caprock cluster schools, east of I-27, and we identify families in those schools with the help of the school's counselors and social workers," said Mission Amarillo Executive Director Jeff Parsons. "They register for the store, then we take donated items, and we purchase items out of our own budget, discount those 80 percent, and then a family can go in and shop for their children and spend up to $10 per child."

There are 540 kids registered for the store this year, which is a 242 child increase from last year. 

"We're a little surprised by that increase and so we have a little bit higher demand for toys then we did last year," said Parsons.  

This is Mission Amarillo's first year to solicit all schools east of I-27 with a goal of registering 400 kids, which they will surpass. 

A lot of these families are on lists where they are given the toys, and they really appreciate the opportunity of being able to purchase the toys for their family," said Parsons. "It feels like it honors that God-given dignity each person has and they feel like they've earned it. They did it for their child and it gives them a sense of accomplishment."

The store is still in need of items for all ages, but especially the 12+ age range. Parsons says the older kids often get left out but still deserve the Christmas experience. 

"We're a little bit low in that 12+ category," said Parsons. "But what I've asked everybody, I said if you're going to buy ten items for us, buy four in the 12+ and then two in the other three categories. We still need items in the other age categories, but we're needed in the 12+ category the most," said Parsons. 

The Affordable Christmas Store will run this Saturday from 9:00 a.m. until Noon at Caprock High School.

Mission Amarillo is accepting toys, as well as monetary donations this entire week. 

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