Car burglaries increase during the holiday shopping season

Car burglaries increase during the holiday shopping season

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Many people have their own way of keeping their cars secure when they go shopping.

After interviewing local shoppers, there are several ways people already try to protect their valuables.

  • Parking close to the store
  • Making sure items are hidden
  • Watching your surroundings

Sometimes, however, it takes more than just taking your keys, hiding your things and locking your door.

According to the Amarillo Police Department, break-ins occur about 35 times every week.

However in the last week of November, there were 42 auto burglaries reported showing that this time of year burglaries can occur more frequently. 
"A lot of times we see that they just walk down the street trying car doors. If a car door's open they're gonna get in it, they're gonna search through it," said Public Information Officer of the APD, Corporal Jeb Hilton.

Because of the possibility of expensive items being left in cars, authorities say it's even more important to secure your vehicle, but there are ways to keep your car from being targeted.

"At the mall there's usually packages in the cars, there's people there shopping maybe they go in and leave their purse in the car, in the truck and they go in shopping or whatever just to not have such a heavy baggage coming in and out," said Captain John Coffee of the Potter County Sheriff's Office. "If you go in and shop and come back out and leave packages in your car, I would suggest maybe you drive your car to a different location of the mall and park and then go back in and get additional packages, whatever you're gonna do, continue shopping."

Amarillo Police also encourage you to follow a 9 o'clock routine to keep your valuables safe. At 9:00 p.m. every night, you're asked to make sure your car doors are locked and there are no items to steal inside.

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