Amarillo homeless at risk of having to relocate again

Amarillo homeless at risk of having to relocate again

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarillo's homeless community is preparing to pick up and move just a few weeks after relocating.

Tent City used to reside in an abandoned industrial complex until the land owner decided to no longer allow the homeless to reside there.

In early November, the homeless who had lived in Tent City were forced to move locations.

Fortunately, one local citizen stepped up and provided land for them to live upon.

Amanda Hunter then used the land provided for them and founded the Christ Church Camp of New Beginnings.

However, the lease for that land expires on Monday, December 4, and those who moved there just weeks ago are now being asked to relocate again.

"We have been looking for land near downtown. We have found a lot but it require $20,000 dollars to move on and $37,000 to purchase it," said Christ Church Public Relations representative Katherine Pledger. "We need every penny and dollar to get them on that land by Monday, or someone else to rise up and say 'Here come on, open your homes, your doors, your churches, your parking lots.' We know you want this to happen, and to continue scattering this camp would cost more in time and resources to bring everyone back together. So bring them together, keep them together, and help us find land."

If you would like to help those at the Christ Church Camp, Amanda Hunter has set up a fund at the Amarillo National Bank to help residents find another place to stay.

The camp has also set up a GoFundMe that you can donate to here.

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