The Compassion Experience: seeing poverty through the eyes of children

The Compassion Experience: seeing poverty through the eyes of children

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - A national organization is bringing the daily struggles of children living in poverty across the world to Amarillo.

What looks like just a trailer of a truck holds something inside can rewrite a child's story from poverty to hope.
"To be able to have that impact on a child, especially in Jesus' name, is the most wonderful thing because you're not only saving them from physical poverty but also spiritual poverty, and giving them an eternal benefit as well," said Casey Rice, a Compassion go-rep.

The true stories of Kiwi and Jey represent those of 1.9 million children who have found light in the midst of darkness thanks to the Compassion Project.

"The children come to the local Compassion Project and they attend school, they get good healthcare, they get good meals, they learn job skills and they attend church," said Elsie Arrington, Brand Ambassador for the Compassion Experience.

Jey, grew up in Kenya where his family made illegal moonshine to survive. He was sent to prison at only 9 years old.

"They learned music at the compassion center, and decided that music was one of their passions," said Arrington.

Now as an adult, Jey DJ's at his local church and uses music to inspire others.

"It was a way to reach out, to try and give back to these young men and let them know there was hope for them too," said Arrington.

For those who have been inspired to sponsor a child, you can go to the Church at Quail Creek at 801 Tascosa Road, and check out children from 25 countries all over the world.

One child named Emmanual, is 11 years old from Ghana and is waiting for that sponsor to change his life.

"These kids have never heard the words 'I love you,' until they get it written in a letter from their sponsor, and so just to know that someone on the other side of the world cares about them," said Rice.

Check out an exclusive look at Kiwi's room below:

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