Our Perspective on being thankful this holiday

Our Perspective on being thankful this holiday

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - This is Thanksgiving week and my Perspective this week is simple:

Be thankful and show gratitude this week.

We live in a world that is selfish and always complaining about something, but I encourage you to take a moment this week and just remember all the good things that are around you.

It may be that person sitting next to you or someone from the past. It may be your job, even if it is not perfect.

Even if it is being thankful that all those orange cones that slow us down today, will soon be gone leaving us improved roads.

As you sit around at lunch, or dinner this week, take that moment and show the gratitude that is needed.

We appreciate you and the trust you put in us to deliver the local news into your home each and every day. Thank you from all of us at NewsChannel 10 and have a great Thanksgiving!

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