What 24 Hours in the Canyon Survivorship Center does for members

What 24 Hours in the Canyon Survivorship Center does for members
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - 24 Hours in the Canyon Survivorship Center is a great resource for those who have been through, or are going through, cancer in West Texas.

Throughout the month, NewsChannel 10's Mike Makie has partnered with 24 Hours in the Canyon to raise funds during No Shave November.

If you've been following along, you know our very own Mike Makie has been taking part.

Through the donations, the center helps create programs for those on the path to wellness.

The month of November is about showing advocacy for one-another.

Director for the Survivorship Center Ryan Parnell said the object of 'No Shave November' is to make the month count.

"Make it count by fundraising for the programs that go on here at the Cancer Survivorship Center both for adults and our childhood programs."

Parnell said the moment a someone hears they have cancer, their hold mindset can be altered.

"Someone is coined, if you will, or named a cancer survivor from the moment they hear the words 'you have cancer'," said Parnell.

The first thing the survivorship center does for members is help the individual wrap their mind around the process they have gone through.

Each individual is given two sheets of paper containing a breakdown of every diagnosis, every procedure, treatment or medicine the patient has been given.

From that point on, the healing process begins.

The center provides a game plan about how to get back someone to an understanding of the new normal.

The new normal is defined by the changes in everyday experiences and challenges.

"For some their new normal may be that they have an enormous amount of peripheral neuropathy, a numbness and tingling," said Parnell. "So we work ideas of swimming, and exercising. Things like those that are no weight bearing so it helps reduce some of their neuropathy."

Parnell says the survivorship center is mentality based, but also a bit of physicality.

"For others it is a mental focus. It's a turning the page and getting back to work," said Parnell. "The new normal of some of the hot flashes and thing like that that come with having chemo therapy. Or vision changes. That happens a lot of times with folks."

The physicality comes from the programs the center offers. Members can find fitness classes, yoga or one-on-one counseling.

There is even concentrated massage therapy.

Members can find a full wig room as well, to help make someone who lost their hair feel whole again.

Everything the survivorship center does is devoted to making a person who they were.

"Our ultimate goal is, it's a very lofty one too, is to take someone who has finished with treatment, in hopes of turning them back into their pre-cancer state. Both physically, mentally, and emotionally.  And hopefully put those days behind them," said Parnell.

The center creates bonds and relationships by connecting people with others who share similar experiences.

It is one thing for a caregiver to advise about how to feel better. It is another for someone to talk with a person who has gone through what they have.

"Doctors are great. Doctors are great at treating a cancer," said Parnell. "But to talk to someone who has gone through their particular cancer that they have gone through or are going through, they can learn from each other. And it's a community."

Parnell said the survivorship center in Amarillo is the only place of its kind in the region.

The staff is dedicated to helping members of the community go from treatment to wellness.

Regardless where you received your treatment, they are here to help.

"Our goal is to help cancer survivors from our region," said Parnell. "That's why we're about trying to raise dollars; because every little bit that we raise goes right back into helping folks from our region."

For more information about No Shave November and how to donate click here.

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