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New helicopter helping decrease response time in Hutchinson County

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Hutchinson County is working to decrease response times in medical and trauma situations with the Apollo MedFlight.

"We really want to go in and be apart of the communities emergency medical system, rather than just a provider that's there," said Brandon Leasure with Apollo MedFlight. 

Apollo MedFlight launched air ambulance operations in Borger earlier this week to decrease medical and trauma response times in rural areas of Hutchinson County.

 "Emergency care of any sort both trauma and medical, you have a heart attack or a stroke in a rural community, a terrible car accident, you're burned," said Leasure. "All of these things are things that would have to be seen either in Amarillo, Lubbock, or worse case, Dallas and time is everything. So our entire business is about good high quality care safety and how fast can we provide that transport."

45 minutes away from any higher level of care, the aircraft will cut the time it takes to transport patients to the nearest hospital in half. 

"Our focus is about patient care. We've got great relationships with all the area hospitals. We transport patients to Northwest, BSA, UMC, and covenant in the Lubbock area all the time," said Leasure. "Our aircraft transports patients to all the Dallas area hospital, Houston area hospitals, Oklahoma City, so for us it's being able to provide a community service, kind of a local business in each rural community."

 Today the Fritch Fire Department got a chance to learn the ins and outs of the new bird, along with procedures from the crew on loading patients. 

 "If we have major trauma, the quicker we can get the patient out the better we are," said Chief Ed Adamson with the Fritch Fire Department. "There's a old rule called the 'golden hour.' That's when you can receive the best treatment within that hour you have more of a chance of surviving. If it takes longer than an hour, then your chances of survival start going down."

 Hutchinson County citizens can rest easy knowing if an emergency situation ever occurs, time is on their side. 

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