Canyon turns to social media to get lost pets home, adopted

Canyon turns to social media to get lost pets home, adopted

CANYON, TX (KFDA) - Lisa Cox is Canyon's only animal control officer, and has been for 12 years.

"I've got four skunks today, I got raccoon calls, I got traps out, I got feral cats over at WT," said Cox

For most of the year, she stays pretty busy

"I mean I've been really busy since probably March," said Cox. "It really doesn't slow down for me until it gets really cold, probably the middle or end of December."

Cox said most of the time, she's able to get the pets she finds back to their owners, sometimes by word of mouth or calls into the city.

Any unclaimed animals are turned into Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare.

But social media has been a big player in upping Canyon's animal reclaim rates.

"We've noticed that there's a lost and found for animals [group on Facebook]," said Canyon Police Chief Dale Davis."There's a site for that, and we have taken advantage of that site before and reunited animals with their owners."

Now, Canyon Animal Control has its own Facebook page.

The goal is to eliminate the need to bring animals to the Amarillo shelter by pushing local reclaim and adoption through the page.

"Minimize the number of animals we're taking to Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare, to minimize their census numbers," said Davis. "Hopefully we can reunite the owners and their animals and not have to take them to Amarillo to take up space, so we're trying to do our part."

Staff plans to use the page to post pictures of the animals they pick up, and have residents submit photos of lost or found animals.

"And do public service type announcements about rabies vaccines, what our city ordinances allow and what they don't allow," said Davis.

Cox said she hopes in addition to turning to social media, people with lost pets will remember to call her and microchip their pets.

"I'm trying not to take that many animals up there [to Amarillo's shelter], I'm trying to get them home," said Cox. "But I really need tags, collars, microchipping that's updated, has your information. I mean, that would help me so much. Because I will get them home if you have that on them."

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