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Amarillo kicks off bulk waste campaign

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Community irritation as a result of illegal dumping has led to the "Bulk Waste" Campaign.

The city of Amarillo joins the Public Works Department with one goal in mind: ridding the alleyways of abandoned bulk waste and debris.

"I want the city to be more beautiful," said Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson. "And I want citizens to not have the problem of terrible trash piled up by their dumpsters that they can't do much about."

The city kicked off the campaign by unveiling the inaugural "how to" stickers today, which will eventually be placed on every dumpster throughout the city.

"I really think it's that people don't realize that it is illegal to dump trash outside of the dumpster," said Mayor Nelson. "If it doesn't fit in the dumpster, then it has to go in the landfill, and it's your responsibility to get it there."

The City of Amarillo Public Works Department is asking for your help in keeping the alleyways clear of debris and bulk waste.

In just three easy steps you can help make the community a cleaner place:

"First, give us a call then we'll let you know when to place your items out there," said Public Works Director Raymond Lee. "Then give us 24 hours once you make that call for us to go ahead and get those items removed."

You can also pitch in by organizing a neighborhood clean-up or helping place the new "how to" stickers on dumpsters.

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