No Shave November growing support

No Shave November growing support

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - If you have been watching morning broadcast throughout the month you have noticed the facial hair of reporter Mike Makie start to come in more and more as the days have progressed.

The reason behind this is Mike is taking part in No Shave November to cancer awareness.

No Shave November is a way for men to show advocacy for men who have gone through cancer; either for those going through treatment or those on the wellness side.

It's way of showing unity with them by saying, 'hey, you can't grow out your hair for one reason or another, so I will do it for you.'

Just like how during the month of October people are encouraged to wear pink to raise awareness for breast cancer, men grow facial hair during November to recognize cancer in men.

All over the country men are encouraged to put down the shaving cream, put down the razors and put the money spent on those toiletry items toward a better cause.

Use it to raise awareness or donate it for a great cause.

In Mike's life, much like the lives of many, he has personally seen the affects and hardships caused by cancer.

During the month of November he is partnered with 24 Hours in the Canyon Survivorship Center here in Amarillo.

24 Hours in the Canyon is a local organization that helps transition those who have gone through cancer treatment on to the path to wellness.

The goal is to raise $15,000 for the center. All proceeds from the campaign go directly back to funding programs at the survivorship center.

November is about sparking a conversation about the topic as well.

Throughout the month you might see people all across the Panhandle taking part for their own reasons.

Suddenly the man behind the register at the Toot'n Totum has hair; maybe it's the bartender who looks scruffy; or it could be your neighbor that is letting his 5 o'clock shadow run wild.

Everyone is encouraged to take the time out and ask them why they are taking part and they may know that has been affected.

Make sure you follow Mike's progress through his Twitter or Instagram page: @MikeMakieNews

Mike is also encouraging anyone who is taking part to share their story and use #NoShave10 so that he can follow along with your progress as well.

He would love to hear your stories.

If you would like to contribute to the cause, click here to visit Mike's fundraising page and donate.

If you or anyone one you may know can benefit from the survivorship center, check them out at their location at 4514-B Cornell Ave. in Amarillo.

You can also reach them by phone at: (806) 331-2400, or by email at:

Go out and donate and help a cause!