2017 Local, area and state election results recap

2017 Local, area and state election results recap

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - A look at the results statewide and from counties in the Panhandle after a successful election night.

For 2017 election there was seven major state propositions to the constitution on the ballot, and more than a dozen local propositions in the Panhandle.

Let's take a look at the propositions at the state level.

Proposition 1:

Proposition 1 sought to authorize tax exemptions on properties for disabled veterans or their surviving spouses.

Those tax exemptions would only be effective however if the property was donated or came at no cost to the veteran.

More than 7,100 precincts reported as of 8:00 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Roughly 86% of voters were in favor of Proposition 1, while 14% voted against it.

Proposition 2:

Proposition 2 would make changes to home loan provisions, easing restrictions on borrowing against home equity.

Around 83% of voters were in favor, while only 16% of voters were against it.

Proposition 3:

Proposition 3 looked at providing changes to term limits for any appointed state officer.

The new proposition would allow the officer to serve even after their term expires. How long they serve will depend on when their term ends in regards to the end of the legislative session.

Roughly 83% of voters statewide were in favor of the proposition, while 16% were against it.

Proposition 4:

Proposition 4 changes the requirements of a municipal court to notify the state's attorney general when a challenge to a state law is made in any court at any level.

64% of state voters were in favor, while 35% fell against the proposition.

Proposition 5:

Proposition 5 aims to expand the definition of what a professional sports team is, and whether or not they are allowed to hold charitable raffles at games.

The charitable raffles would be connected to foundations where the founds would be directly attributed to.

Roughly 61% of people in the state voted in favor to allow the raffles, while 39% were against the measure.

Proposition 6:

Proposition 6 would provide property tax exemptions for surviving spouses of first responders who are killed in the line of duty. Like those killed working wildfire outbreaks.

Roughly 85% were in favor, while 15% were against it.

Proposition 7:

Proposition 7 looked at how financial institutions, like a bank or credit union, should be allowed to hold raffles or award prizes that encourage saving.

This proposition came with the notion that the encouragement to save was helping the average person plan for their financial future.

Roughly 60% of voters statewide agreed with the notion, while 40% were against it.

Here are a few local propositions and bond measures that were found on ballots across the Panhandle area.

Randall County alcohol sales:

Randall County sought to allow local option liquor sales at establishments across the county.

The intent behind the proposition would be to allow certain retailers, like a convenience store or a grocery store the option to sell liquor.

Many believe the proposition would change the structure in rural areas where sometimes drivers are forced to go great distances to purchase liquor.

All 19 precincts have reported in for the vote.

62% were in favor of the alcohol sale, while 38% were against it.

Potter County Assistance District:

The Potter County Assistance district was a proposition that would effectively generate revenue for the Potter County volunteer fire department.

The proposition raises sales tax by 2% in any area of Potter county that is outside Amarillo city limits.

A few weeks ago NewsChannel 10 spoke with Potter County Fire Chief Richard Lake about the importance of the assistance district vote.

Chief Lake said it would mean a lot to volunteers, and passing the proposition would vastly improve equipment and allow them to update facilities and trucks.

All precincts have reported in for the vote.

63% of voters were in favor of the assistance district, while 37% were against it.

$100 Million A.I.S.D. bond:

Amarillo I.S.D. was looking to pass a $100 million dollar bond in order to to upgrade facilities.

The bond would help the school district improve facilities and increase overall safety for students at all campuses.

Vice President of Amarillo I.S.D. board of trustees Scott Flow said making  upgrades and advancements are necessary in order to improve safety and enhance the overall learning experience for students.

"[We want to add] bullet proof, or bullet resistant glass. Improve pick-up and drop off areas at our schools," said Flow. "We have facility updates which are really designed to improve the infrastructure of our schools."

Flow said some of their schools are rather old and time has taken it's toll on them.

"The average age of our schools is 58 years," said Flow. "So we have schools that are 100 years old. As these facilities get old, they wear out."

All precincts have reported in for the bond measure.

This vote had a slim margin; 55% were in favor, while 45% were against.

$13 million bond to Tulia I.S.D.:

Another local proposition for a school district in the Panhandle.

Tulia I.S.D. was seeking a $13 million bond in order to fund much needed upgrades to school campuses.

Only 1 precinct was used to report vote.

Just like with A.I.S.D, the bond passed but by a slim margin.

54% of voters were in favor, while 46% were against.

This year's election is the first time the school district has put a bond on the voter's ballot since 1965.

Stratford I.S.D. Propositions 1-4:

Another proposition from a local school district could have been found on the ballot in Stratford this year.

Stratford I.S.D. had four propositions on the ballot, all designed to improve the quality of learning for students.

Proposition 1 was looking for a bond looking that would allow them to expand science labs for Stratford schools.

Proposition 1 did pass; 72% were in favor, 28% were against.

Proposition 2 looked to expand vocational agricultural programs for their schools.

The bond would allow for the growth of technology and tolls in the department. That would help to enhance the overall learning experience for students.

The bond did pass. 68% of voters were in favor, and 32% were against it.

The third proposition from Stratford ISD focused on elementary school safety and security.

Similar to Amarillo ISD, the bond sought to advocate funds in order to increase the safety and security for all students in classes.

The school district would be looking to improve classrooms and all campuses.

61% of Stratford voters were in favor, while 39% were against it.

The fourth and final bond from Stratford I.S.D. was aimed at the school's performance hall.

It looked to build a new performance center for the school's arts and theater programs.

Unlike the other 3 bonds proposed by Stratford I.S.D., the fourth measure was voted down by the public.

46% of citizens were in favor, while 54% were against it.

Silverton I.S.D. Proposition:

There were two propositions that could be found on the Silverton ballot for the 2017 election.

The first came from Silverton I.S.D..

The Silverton school district was looking to gain approval to use state and local tax revenues for the improvement of the learning experience for students.

The proposition passed overwhelmingly. 96% were in favor, while only 4% were against.

Silverton Sales & Use tax:

The other proposition that could be found on the Silverton ballot came from the city government.

The city of Silverton was looking to reallocate .25% of their revenue in order to help maintenance and repairs for municipal streets.

If passed, the proposition would stand for four years.

It would then expire by the 2021 election unless reauthorized.

90% of voters were in favor of the change, while only 10% were against it.

While most propositions and measure found on ballots for the 2017 election, the most crucial ones came from state propositions.

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