Local dentists host candy buybacks to support troops

Local dentists host candy buybacks to support troops
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Anyone with leftover or extra candy is being encouraged to donate it to a program that sends it to armed forces stationed overseas.

Halloween has come and gone, and parents may now see how much candy they did not give out, or how much their child actually collected.

Starting this week the extra or unused candy can be put to good use.

Kool Smiles Dental in Amarillo is hosting the 4th annual Candy Buyback program.

The annual program is called Troop Treats.

Every child or parent is encouraged to bring in candy the dentist's location at 2210 Bell street.

For every 25 pieces of candy that is brought in a child will receive a free toy. Kids are eligible for up to 3 toys each.

The candy buyback is open to anyone in the Panhandle, even if you are not a Kool Smiles patient.

The program will start on November 1 and run through normal business hours on Saturday, November 4.

Dentist and area dental director Chester Hsu said the buyback program is a tremendous way to teach kids how to give back.

"As a parent, they understand what the benefit is that they're providing in helping these troops have something to enjoy, something a little joyful," said Hsu. "To bring some light to their lives while they're out there away from their families."

Hsu said his own daughters always contribute to the program, benefiting both them and members of the armed services.

"For my own daughters, I know they can really appreciate that," said Hsu. "They really get some joy and satisfaction out of helping others. All around I think its a win-win situation for everybody."

Kool Smiles is large company with 123 stores spread out across the nation.

Last year the company was able to send more the 4 tons of candy to troops stationed overseas.

Hsu said the program teaches kids about giving back while promoting good oral hygiene.

"When our kids come in and we tell them a little about Troop Treats, one thing we always do is provide some education on what they can do to keep their teeth healthy," said Hsu. "I also encourage parents during this time to share with [their kids] about the benefit of not over-indulging on sweets. They need to keep their teeth healthy and clean."

Kool Smiles Troop Treats is not the only buyback program happening.

On Friday November 3 Amarillo Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics is hosting their 10th annual buyback program.

The event will take place at 2455 I-40 West in Wolflin Square from 3:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m..

Kids will receive $2 for every pound of candy they bring in and donate. Kids can donate up to a maximum of 3 pounds.

APDO said last year they collected and donated 225 pounds of candy.

This year's buyback event will feature fun and games for kids and a visit from the Amarillo Fire Department.

Candy collected from both the Kool Smiles and APDO buyback program goes directly to all branches of the military.

Anyone who attends either program is encouraged to bring names of any soldiers they know overseas who could use a sweet treat.

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