Certain costumes can cause controversy on Halloween

Certain costumes can cause controversy on Halloween
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - When Halloween rolls around it allows some to design elaborate and creative costumes that can sometimes cause a controversy.

Most costumes are creative and meant to be fun, but sometimes that creativity can get out of hand.

A Halloween costume can be a great way to express yourself, but with some subjects it could be striking a nerve with people.

"There are people that definitely like clown, scary clown, especially after 'It' was released," said Spirit Halloween consignment operator John Domeracki. "There are [also] a lot of people who do not."

Clown costumes have seen a spike in popularity over the last year.

While some designs, are creepy, like those mimicking Pennywise, the antagonist of the movie 'It'. Some costumes are just simple and still strike a chord with some.

Costumes focused around the topic of hot button issues are another that cause a stir.

"Sometimes political humor can go either way as it is a very derisive subject, especially in Texas," said Domeracki. "Sometimes political stuff people have very strong opinions about."

Domeracki said how a costume is perceived, whether good or bad, can vary dependent on location.

"What people embrace in the Panhandle is completely different than what they embrace in Killeen and Temple," said Domeracki. "It's completely different in Alaska and Hawaii as well."

Amarillo resident Dee Perry believes the holiday is about fun, not making a type of social or political statement.

"Risque, political - that's not Halloween to me," said Perry. "It's all about to scare people a little bit, but not offend people. I just like something wild and crazy, and again, a little bit frightening."

Austin West, who is a parent, believes what might be an okay costume for an adult may not be for a young child.

"I think they should wear what they fit in to," said West. "This year [my daughter] is going as Anna. So that's what she likes, it fits for everyone. Little kids won't be scared of her cause she's wearing something they all know."

West said the holiday is about kids and their enjoyment. So dress appropriately for all ages.  Always remember to keep little kids in mind, especially if you have your own.

"If you don't have a kid, then yeah go as something scary," said West. "And if you do have a kid, you don't want to to scare your own kid and have them not want to be around you."

Domeracki said how and what you dress as should depend on what way you are spending Halloween. Regardless, he said a humorous costume is always a safe choice.

"Funny and friendly are always a safe bet," said Domeracki. "You're not going to create that thing, it's all situational though. It's different if you're going to a party with your friends, rather than trunk-or-treat with your kids."

Always remember, Halloween is a holiday dedicated to having fun.

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