Amarillo organizations helping families this holiday season

Amarillo organizations helping families this holiday season

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Many families in the Texas Panhandle truly make choices between paying a utility bill or buying food for their families each month.

Through Bank of America's Give a Meal Program, the High Plains Food Bank can assist more families in need this holiday season.

"This will help us in a year where things have been down for us and as we kick-start the holiday season, we're almost there," said Zack Wilson with the High Plains Food Bank. "So between now and December 31, this will be a great time for everyone to get involved and help us fill some plates."

About 15 percent of Amarillo residents are food insecure. One in four of those are children.

Bank of America is partnering with the High Plains Food Bank through Feeding America to fight this hunger battle in the Panhandle.

"Anything you can give would be great. $5 is the minimum, so if someone can give $5, we'll give an additional $10. So that's $15," said Senior Vice President at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Larry Laughter. "We'll go up to a maximum of a $1,000 per donor. If someone wants to give $1,000, we'll give $2,000. That's a huge benefit to the people here in Amarillo and especially to kiddos."

With these funds the High Plains Food Banks can get the meals they need in and then send them out to the 29 counties that they serve.

"These funds really kind of help bolster our food inventory," said Wilson. "We also access a lot of different fresh and perishable items like produce and protein such as meat, and those are in huge demand for us."

You can visit this website to donate.

Then, input the number you'd like to donate followed by the zip code.

You can directly see the amount of meals your donation will serve. For example, 25 dollars turns into $75 dollars.

These funds provide 825 meals for people who call Amarillo home.

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