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Borger PD warns local businesses and residents of counterfeit cash

Source: Borger PD Source: Borger PD
Source: Borger PD Source: Borger PD
Source: Borger PD Source: Borger PD

 Counterfeit money has found it's way into the city of Borger, and local law enforcement wants residents to know what to look out for.

"It's a new thing we've seen pop up, but we do see counterfeits, as do most jurisdictions," said Brandon Strope, Assistant Chief of Police for Borger PD. "Typically, they are photocopied, they are not great quality, and the paper isn't as good so it's a little easier to spot. This motion picture money from what we're seeing is pretty good quality."

The fake currency features small incorrect details businesses and residents should be aware of to declare the bills as counterfeit. 

"On the funny money, the faces don't look right. If you look, it looks like the faces on the bill are not normal," said Strope. "They're frowning or smirking or something like that. All of these clues are there. You just need to take a little more time to look at that until we can possibly figure out where they are coming from and put a stop to it."

The Pak-A-Sak in Borger has had multiple attempts of customers trying to purchase goods with these "motion picture" bills. 

"Probably about three weeks ago, we had a young man come in, and he tried to pass a $20 bill to us to buy a pack of cigarettes," said Derek Thompson, manager of the Pak-A-Sak gas station in Borger. "My clerk noticed the bill felt funny and that kind of was a red flag then she marked it with our counterfeit pens that we use, and it turns out that the bill was bad."

If the money continues to make its way around the city, local businesses could see a damper in their day to day profits. 

"Well obviously anytime you take a counterfeit bill that's automatically loss profit because there no recouping that," said Thompson. If I get a $20 counterfeit bill and they buy a pack of gum and I give them 18 or 19 dollars back in good money then they just made that money off of me." 

Borger Police continue to urge residents to pay extra attention to their money more than they normally would until they are able to put an end to the circulating prop money. 

"Just take a second and flip it over to make sure it doesn't have those obvious, the verbiage of "motion picture use only." Make sure the presidents look right," said Strope. "Again, try to spot those obvious things . If you see it bring it up to the business. If you have an issue the business or the individual obviously call the police and let us know."

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