Our Perspective on honoring our Veterans

Our Perspective on honoring our Veterans

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - How do we honor our Veterans that fought for our freedom?

Dedicated veterans and their supporters are looking for the Amarillo community to come through like it has for other causes in the past, and all it takes are phone calls to today's telethon.

They have a grand plan to build a state-of-the-art education center with a price tag of about $7 million.

And it won't be just an impressive building.

They plan to fill it with a 150-seat theater, digital presentation stations and other ways to educate all ages on the country's and the Panhandle's experiences of bravery and pain during wars and conflicts.

This will be a lasting contribution to the people here and to come as well as a salute to the veterans and the fallen who gave themselves to make our lives possible.

Our perspective: Today we live in a Free country and remembering we did not get here and we don't stay Free without a cost.

If our veterans have been willing to donate so much time, money and heart over the years of planning the education center, we can help them by calling 806-322-8796 or researching other ways you can help and look at the impressive features they have planned.

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