Proposition for Amarillo ISD to receive $100 million bond

Proposition for Amarillo ISD to receive $100 million bond

A proposition for Amarillo ISD to receive $100 million bond will be on the upcoming Constitutional Amendment Election.

Amarillo ISD Board of Trustees reviewed their 55 campuses and found found 78% of the district's schools are more than 50 years old.

Austin and the Board of Trustees hope the bond would help make improvements for safety, security, facility updates, classroom additions, and restoration for AISD.

Most of the money form the bond would go toward facility updates, such as creating new bathrooms.

"Those facilities are the same they were 60 years ago. The plumbing behind the wall is the same, and the sewer behind the wall is the same, and those things have deteriorated," said president of the AISD School Board, Jim Austin.

If approved, the bond will also help them finish an elementary school safety project

"The part we didn't finish was bullet resistant doors and glass at the end of the wings on all the elementary schools," said Austin.

The money would also help build new classrooms which Austin said is crucial for Amarillo's growing population.

"The possibility of having as many as 3-4,000 new homes is not out of the question, as well multifamily additions. So we need to prepare for that," said Austin.

The $100 million would solely be raised through property taxes,

The average size home in Amarillo is valued at $126,000. This would end up costing homeowners about $45 per year.

Austin said that is a small price to pay for the future of Amarillo.

"The biggest asset we have is our children, and we want to make sure they have the best education experience they can have," said Austin.

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