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Social media helps families reunite with pets

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As one area family searches for their missing dog, an Amarillo Veterinarian wants you to be prepared in the event your dog becomes injured while traveling or if you come across an injured animal.

"Try not to move the animal too much to start with unless it's in a dangerous place," said Veterinarian Janice Wolf. "If it is, obviously you have to move it to the side and get it off the middle of the road. Best thing to do if you have a blanket or coat to throw over the animal's head, especially the head because that's the biting end. Some dogs will attempt to bite or cry out if they're hurt, but try to move them to a safe area and then contact, if it's available, animal control."

Wolf says in the event of trauma, a dog is most likely to run from the scene that is causing it to become distressed.

For this reason, it is important to contact local animal officials as soon as possible.

Micro-chipping has also become an effective tool for finding missing animals. However, if you are traveling and find yourself far from home, social media has also become an effective way to find your cat or dog. 

"Dogs will just get away from their home or sometimes out of the vehicle their in, and we have had some that have even gone up the side of the highway," said President of Texas Pandhandle PetSavers Tammie Newton. "We've had several people working on to get the animal safe."

P.E.T.A. has a checklist you can store in your glove compartment in case you come across an injured animal.

Those steps include noting your exact location, including the closet mile exit or any other significant marker. They also say to not leave the scene until help arrives.

Some animals will be in shock and uneasy by your presence.

"They'll go out and camp out sometimes at the sight that the animal was last seen," said Newton. "Because sometimes they become fearful and won't come to you."

By following these tips, you may be able to save an animal's life with the hope of eventually reuniting them with their owner. 

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