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Center City donates $500,000 for downtown streetscaping

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

After 20 years of saving money, Center City of Amarillo presented $500,000 to the Local Government Corporation (LGC) for streetscaping around the new downtown parking garage and Embassy Suites Hotel.

Center City made that pledge to the LGC to do their part in the beautification of downtown Amarillo.

"This $500,000 represents tickets to Block Party, it represents High Noon meals, and every dollar was earned by volunteer labor," said Beth Duke, Executive Director of Center City of Amarillo.

This money will reimburse the LGC for the ongoing streetscaping around the new buildings.

That includes trees, bushes, benches, sidewalks and lights that can be seen on 6th, 7th, Pierce and Buchanan streets downtown.

"This check really makes this downtown a walkable area," said William Biggs, Vice President of the LGC. "I would encourage everyone to walk around this area now and compare it to what they remember from going to concerts 10, 20, 30 years ago at the Amarillo Civic Center and the incredible night and day difference this has made."

Both organizations said streetscaping is a vital part of downtown improvements, giving the fixed-up streets a higher curb appeal and improving walkability.

"You want to feel comfortable walking the entire area of downtown," said Biggs. "I can go from my office now at the Amarillo National Bank tower all the way to the Xcel building and I will not pass a single tree or building that isn't beautiful now."

Duke hopes these changes will be used and appreciated by visitors and locals alike.

"We've already had three great conventions at the Embassy Suites and in every case people use the pedestrian walkways to walk to our great restaurants on Polk and it's really building the kind of downtown district we've been hoping to have."

This streetscaping is almost finished, and just one way Center City and the LGC are working together to upgrade Amarillo.

"The MPEV is supposed to be a multi-purpose event venue," said Biggs. "So [Center City] will be of course very important to making sure people are excited and interested in being downtown for events in Amarillo."

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