Mosquito overpopulation may carry into next Spring

Mosquito overpopulation may carry into next Spring

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - More rain means water in the lake and a green back yard, but it also means more mosquitoes.

This month, Amarillo has an over-population of mosquitoes because of heavy rains in August and September.

Usually, Amarillo has an average of 17 inches in a year; however this year, Amarillo's rainfall sits at 26 inches.

"It's not very often we are nine inches above average, so this is kind of an exceptional year," said Owner of Aardvark Pest Control Eric Johnagin.

City officials also say the mosquitos have been a challenge, especially for their pest control services.

Last Saturday, city employees sprayed a public park and expect to treat five other areas this week.

Johnigan said now is the most crucial time for the city to spray because mosquitoes are preparing for hibernation.

That hibernation, however, could cause the mosquito problem to carry over into next Spring.

"Some of the ways they hibernate is they lay eggs in the water that can survive the winter," said Johnigan. "We're going to have higher than expected mosquitoes in the Spring."

He suggests people at home also take steps kill them in their sleep.

Johnagin said since mosquitoes hibernate in tall grass and standing water, residents need to make sure they drain their gutters and mow their lawns.

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