Our Perspective on avoiding potential scams

Our Perspective on avoiding potential scams

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - "Scams are happening, but not to me."

If this is your impression, it might be naïve, or you might be the next target.

We receive calls regularly from our viewers who have fallen for a new scam. These are complex scams that look very real.

An example of this may be, when you are online or on Facebook, and you see an advertisement that offers you information on your genealogy. You may go to a website that looks nice and real.

Today's perspective is a recommendation:

Please search for reviews on all websites before you give anyone money or your personal information.

Whether it is online, on the phone or through mail, it is important for you to keep your personal information and money safe.

The good scams make you feel comfortable and can look completely real, so be sure to use caution, and don't let a website or a phone call sell you anything before you have time to consider your options and get a review on the organization.

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