Texas Northwestern Railway expansion expected to bring economic growth

Texas Northwestern Railway expansion expected to bring economic growth

The Texas Northwestern Railway recently landed Crop Production Services as it's anchor tenant for their new 580-acre Panhandle Logistics Park.

The park is the region's hub for railcar storage, development and transportation services.

"They're building a multi-million dollar facility, and it's going to be a fertilized transload operation," said Manager of Corporate Property at Texas Northwestern Railway Clayton Kendall. "It will add multiple new jobs to the region. Once they're in operation, it'll be really great for the growth of Moore County."

The company recently broke ground at the park and will begin offering agricultural products and services in early 2018.

Texas Northwestern Railways says Moore County's service, as the first and last mile of shipment for industrial users, was essential in securing Crop Production Services.

"There are communities in Texas and around the US that are investing millions of dollars just to have rail access," said Dumas' Executive Director of Economic Development Mike Running. "Dumas and Moore County are so blessed to have this company here with the rail access. With rail brings in more access for companies that are already in logistics that need to get their goods and products moving from one place to another."

Texas Northwestern is working to secure more tenants for the park and the newly opened Panhandle Logistics Solution which focuses on the transfer of materials between railcars and trucks.

"We also purchased a 15 acre site, just north of it and that's going to be called Panhandle Logistics Solution," said Kendall. "We did that because we saw a demand for a multi-tenant transloading facility for businesses in Moore County."

As more businesses sign on to the projects, they say this will provide more job opportunities within the area.

"We can actually see the economic impact in the city, most people are going to live there, and they're going to shop there," said Running. "This project and having Texas Northwestern in the community is probably one of the best industry assets we have."

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