Local wildlife rehabilitation center releases bobcat on federal land

Local wildlife rehabilitation center releases bobcat on federal land

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - A bobcat that was hit by a car two months ago is now being given a second chance at life.

"She had a fracture in her sacrum, which is a bone in the hip area, she had lost control of her bowels and urine," said the founder of Amarillo's first Animal Rehabilitation center, Stephanie Oravetz.

That rehabilitation center is still being built, so Oravetz rehabilitated the bobcat in her home.

When the bobcat started showing signs of improvement, she called the Bureau of Land Management to coordinate the release.

Adrian Escobar, a natural resource specialist for the Bureau of Land Management, said there are requirements a property must meet for a wildlife release.

"You want to pick a habitat that suitable for that species," said Escobar. "We picked this property because we have multiple habitat requirements of that species, including cliffs, big boulders, trees,tall grass, small mammals, plenty of birds."

Escobar adds cattle, chicken, or pet owners don't need to worry about recently released bobcat.

"We're pretty far away from urban areas, and bobcats, if they have everything they need where they're at, then there's not much incentive to leave the property," said Escobar

Oravetz said studies have shown its important to preserve predatory wildlife outside of cities because they keep rodent populations under control.

"They are meant to be in the wild. They are great hunters; they eat a lot of small mammals, like cotton tail [rabbits], rodents, jack rabbits," said Oravetz

Oravetz adds it's important for the center to raise funds, so they can continue to rehabilitate other animals too.

"We really need to get that center open, hopefully we can make enough to get those last things done so we can open that facility open," said Oravetz.

If you want to help the Wild West Rehabilitation Center, they are hosting a fundraiser on Saturday, October 21.

You can find more information on that fundraiser here.

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