Boat sales increase as Lake Meredith Rises

Boat sales increase as Lake Meredith Rises

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Lake Meredith is the highest it has been in almost 10 years.

Lake Meredith water levels were so low before the recent rise, people thought the lake would never be as high as it once was, so many sold their boats.

"People were saying the lake would never come back, but now its back," said Owner of Amarillo Outdoor Power Equipment Mark Huber.

Now that the water levels are reaching 70 feet, many of those who sold their boats and jet skis are now buying new ones.

Parker Boats says they went through a dry spell, but in the last few years they've had a 10 percent increase in sales.

Amarillo Outdoor Power Equipment also say they've seen an increase.

"The sales of water crafts have gone up at least 50 percent over the past two years," said Huber.

Huber says water craft businesses like his won't be the only ones who benefit from Meredith's rising waters.

"When the lake was so low people were not coming in to buy them, they were carrying them to other lakes," said Huber.

Now that people won't have to go to other lakes, Huber believes people in the Panhandle will travel to Meredith once again, benefiting the surrounding areas, particularly the local economy of Fritch.

"They are going to benefit because people are going to need to buy their ice, their water, all the things to have an enjoyable time at the lake," said Huber.

Huber says it's likely there will be a fall in water levels in the future, which is why he recommends holding on to your boat next time you think you have to sell it.

"The lake is going to be cyclical.It's going to raise in water when we have good rain, and of course it's going to drop when we're in the drought," said Huber.

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