Center for Advancement to serve all post-offending women in the Panhandle

Center for Advancement to serve all post-offending women in the Panhandle

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Sharing Hope Ministry's new Center for Advancement is where any future participants of Patsy's Place and any post-offending women in the Panhandle can come and learn the skills needed to put them on a positive path.

"A lot of women when they first get out of jail, get out of prison, they feel like they have felon or inmate stamped on their forehead, and they don't feel like they really fit into the community," said Special Projects Coordinator at Sharing Hope Ministry Stevi Larson. "We're glad to be here to tell them that's not true, there are employees willing to hire them, there is housing willing to accept them and we're here to support them and get them plugged into resources that can help them."

As a graduate of Patsy's Place herself, Stevi says she knows firsthand what it's like to come out of prison and not know where to turn to successfully reintegrate within the community.
"Some of the resources that we have available to post-offending women will be the classes. We have seminar classes for them, educational classes," says Larson. "We also have a 12 person computer lab, a food pantry and a clothing closet where we provide them with hygiene items for food and clothing when they first get out."

Sharing Hope Ministry says a large portion of the funding came from a $750,000 donation from the late Leo Caiafa. They say this expansion can allow them to reach as many women as possible throughout the Panhandle.

"The ultimate goal for this program is to just get them to a good place, where they feel good about themselves, feel good in the community and to where they do have housing, they do have food and clothing and they're plugged into a support group and all the resources that are available to them," says Larson.

Anyone looking to donate to the center or any woman who wants to take advantage of the services provided can contact Sharing Hope Ministry at (806) 358-7803 or through their website.

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