Fritch installing new water main lines citywide

Fritch installing new water main lines citywide
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

FRITCH, TX (KFDA) - Three water line breaks in Fritch the past few days temporarily left hundreds without water.

Some because they gave in from decay, and others were accidentally cut by workers installing new lines.

City staff hopes to avoid any future breaks by completely replacing the main water lines in the city and preparing for future infrastructure needs.

Improving the water system is a big priority for Fritch's city leaders, with about a third of Fritch's total budget for the new fiscal year funding water maintenance and upgrades.

They hope to avoid any more water breaks caused by a decaying pipeline.

"Those lines are so old and fragile every foot of that system needs to be replaced," said City Manager Drew Brassfield, talking about the Lake Meredith Harbor neighborhood where about 1,400 feet of pipe need to be replaced.

The City of Fritch has allocated more than $1.1 million between water budget and grant funding to replace pipes throughout the entire city to improve the water system.

Fritch received a community development block grant last year totaling $328,570 which will be used to replace piping just in Lake Meredith Harbor.

That construction has already begun, and that's the area where the biggest break occurred on Friday.

The remaining budgeted $800,000 will be used to upgrade water main lines in other parts of the city.

"[That money] will be to get additional wells online," said Brassfield. "It'll be to expand and replace our main lines so that we can provide a much more consistent supply of water to the city."

Fritch has also joined the 811 "Call Before You Dig" network in hopes that water breaks from workers digging near pipes can be avoided.

"Going forward we just want to assure the residents that we are making every effort to ensure that they [receive] good healthy drinking water."

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