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Amarillo gun store owners expect sales to increase after mass shooting in Las Vegas

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 Historically, gun store owners have witnessed spikes in their sales after mass shooting events.

"When you start telling people they can't have it, they're going to get it, ' said Owner of Panhandle Gunslingers Burnie Stokes. 

"I've seen a moderate increase. I don't expect to see a spike because right now the gun debate hasn't really been going on and it could spike,"said Stokes. "I don't foresee a spike, but I see a steady increase in sales." 

While gun sales are moderately increasing, Stokes believes accessories like bump stocks could soon be outlawed.

"By definition it is not illegal, it doesn't change the configuration of the gun internally, so therefore it hasn't been made illegal," said Stokes. "I could foresee the bump stocks and also the hell fire triggers could be classified as something that could be looked at real closely by the ATF and local lawmakers." 

 One customer said he highly anticipates more people will go out to buy more guns and ammunition. 

 "I highly believe they will, especially in Texas. In Texas, already 70 percent of us carry," said Marlar Acton. "In other places, I don't know, the laws differ but Texas definitely. I think everybody should carry a gun to keep them safe." 

 In a Facebook poll, we asked you the viewers if stricter gun laws would prevent mass shootings. Here's what some of you had to say: 

Eddie James wrote, "All for guns, but when a person has purchased a certain amount maybe he or she should be a person of interest." 

Judy Johnson says, "Mass shootings maybe. But there are more ways to kill than with a gun. There are bombs, someone could have drove their car through the crowd and it's easy to get guns if you want them. So no I don't think gun control will help. People have got to change."

"When you start to try and put restriction on, then people start fighting back, " said Stokes. "You've got to understand this is a 2nd amendment right. It's a right to keep and bear firearms." 

As of right now, no discussions for stricter gun laws have began among Congress. 

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