State of the City addresses future of Amarillo

State of the City addresses future of Amarillo
Source: City of Amarillo
Source: City of Amarillo
Source: City of Amarillo
Source: City of Amarillo

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The State of the City addressed key topics for a successful city.

It was a 'first-of-its-kind' event for the city of Amarillo.

The early morning event featured a family-style breakfast and a much anticipated speech by Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson.

The City of Amarillo put together a video presentation to highlight some of its projects.

"We're here together this morning to talk as a city about what we've gotten done over the course of the last year, and what we need to get done in the year that's facing us," said Mayor Nelson.

Throughout her speech the Mayor highlighted main points that she would like to see the city. These points included increasing the public safety budget and allowing the police department to hire more officers.

Mayor Nelson also wants to see better education programs that includes job training. The Mayor said the ACE Scholarship program could help with initiative.

"I know it will change the lives of those individual students that take advantage of it," said Mayor Nelson. "But what I really know is that it will exponentially affect us [economically] over the next 10-20 years in Amarillo. It will prosper our local business."

The Mayor also pointed out a dependence on online shopping has to stop.

"We need you to shop locally in Amarillo," said the Mayor.

In the 2016 fiscal year retail sales dropped .8 percent.

The city relies on money collected from retail sales. The collected revenue is put back in to the city's general fund in order to make improvements.

City officials where not the only ones to call the State of the City breakfast a success.

Amarillo Resident and Pastor at Power Church Manny De Los Santos also responded in a positive manner to the event. He said it felt like a well orchestrated presentation.

"Surrounded by different business owners, surrounded by different city officials in this setting is comfortable," said De Los Santos. "It was a comfortable setting, relaxed. Really low key but done with excellence. It was almost being at an Apple launch with Steve Jobs."

Mayor Nelson believes it is up to all residents to step up to the task at hand. She said it will take every step of the plan and every resident working together to complete it.

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"I think if we can see all of these things working together; if we can reduce crime rates, increase education levels, we will recruit more jobs and businesses to Amarillo," said Mayor Nelson. "We will see the economic benefits of that, it's all tied together. If we can get it right we're going to be great Amarillo."

All funds used to set up and cater the event were donated by several local banks. The event came at no cost to taxpayers.

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