City of Amarillo increases fees for their services

City of Amarillo increases fees for their services

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarillo residents may notice higher water and drainage bills this month.

Laura Storrs, director of finance for the city of Amarillo, said there were several fees increased that went into effect October 1st.

"Water and sewer rates all went up across the board by 3 percent," said Storrs.

In addition to the 3 percent increase to water and sewer rates, Storrs said there was also a 4 percent increase to drainage fees.

These fee increases are all part of a five-year city improvement plan that is designed to keep up with Amarillo's growth.

"As our city continues to grow we have to address those needs for additional demand," said Storrs.

Of these three fee increases, the drainage fee increase may be the most immediate help to Amarillo resident's quality of life.

"When we have these heavy rainfalls, we're trying to drain the streets to make sure we provide safe ways for citizens to get around," said Storrs. "We have to continue raising funds in order to address those needs."

Storrs also wants to assure residents the money collected from fees will not go to other projects, like the multi-purpose event venue.

"One thing I want to make sure and make sure we let our citizens know the money going to build the baseball stadium comes from hotel/motel tax dollars, so these fee increases stay in those utility systems," said Storrs. "We can't use hotel/motel funding to do anything with water and sewer. There are state laws in place, we are not allowed to co-mingle that money."

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