Bushland ISD seeking road improvements

Bushland ISD seeking road improvements

BUSHLAND, TX (KFDA) - With 400 homes to be built in Bushland, the school district met with the Potter County Commissioners' Court to discuss the impending growth.

Students from Bushland travel on one two-lane road off I-40 to attend school.

The street, which is already congested, is set to become even more so.

"They said they would contribute $350,000 towards that. We appreciate that. That's a lot of money, but it takes about $1 million per mile of road to build," said Potter County Judge Nancy Tanner. "We can contribute some funding from our Road and Bridge Department as an in kind donation, but as far as contributing a whole million dollars, we don't know if we can do that."

Potter County and Bushland ISD are expected to continue to work together to find a solution.

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