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Claude students giving 800 'morale boosters' to Harvey victims

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

Students at Claude ISD wanted to help students across Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey, so they contacted Port Aransas High School officials and simply asked what they needed most.

"What can we do for you guys? Do you need supplies? (They) said, 'We just need a morale booster,'" said Claude student Callie Thornton.

They came up with an idea to make t-shirts for students on their first day back to school since the deadly hurricane.

Claude High's mascot is a mustang, and Port Aransas High's is a marlin.

So the shirts say "Hey Harvey, Marlin Strong, Mustang Proud, Texas Tough."

"They don't get to have football games, or play volleyball, for me that would really suck because that's what we live for," said Thornton. "So I think that getting these shirts when they get back is just knowing that somebody on the other side of Texas cares about and knows what their struggle is, and wants their school year to be better."

Thornton said they wanted to make sure everyone at Port Aransas High got a shirt, so they are making 800 to cover every student.

Making 800 shirts takes time, and Claude officials are allowing students to use normal school time to make the shirts inside a local print shop. Elementary and middle school students are also helping out to ensure the shirts are done in time for the school year.

Todd Peden, who opened his shop to the students, says he was happy to lend his time and equipment to the cause.

"It's really easy for kids or people to just throw in ten dollars to try to help, but to put some skin in the game and have the kids that are behind us doing the work maybe it will leave a little more of a lasting impression," Peden said.

Claude High school's Athletic Director said the student's eagerness to help doesn't surprise him.

"We embrace the opportunity to do stuff for other people because it's something we talk about all the time and something the community of Claude is all about," said Jarrett Vickers. 

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