Our Perspective on kneeling during the national anthem

Our Perspective on kneeling during the national anthem

Last week the President made comments that called out NFL players, coaches, and owners for taking a knee or allowing it during the National Anthem.

The fire is hot and the controversy is real. NFL teams are reacting in different ways and allowing compromise where they did not last year.

Are we protesting racial inequality, hate crimes, police brutality, and President Trump? Or are people just frustrated?

Perspectives are all over the place, but one thing is certain: One of the freedoms our soldiers fight for is the freedom of speech and peaceful protest in these United States.

This can be hard to accept when someone uses that freedom to challenge the values and symbols that represent our country.

The perspective of many, including me: these players and many others are disrespecting our country, the soldiers that gave them this freedom and our national anthem. These are core values and symbols of our great country and they are not to be disrespected.

While this is a stage for these players to show their point-of-view, my perspective is I would love to see action and follow-up by these same individuals to right the wrongs in our social landscape. If you feel passionate about something, the best thing to do is to make a plan and take action to change it.

Words and kneeling are easy, but action and true change is difficult.

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