Amarillo veteran reacts to NFL kneeling protest

Amarillo veteran reacts to NFL kneeling protest

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - After controversial comments from President Donald Trump over the weekend, multiple teams in the NFL joined together, taking a knee and linking arms during the national anthem to show solidarity to remarks they saw as being divisive.

"We stand so that others can kneel," said President of the Amarillo chapter of the NAACP Floyd Anthony.

"I know with my father being a veteran in the Korean War, and I know with my grandfather being a part of World War II, I have to stand," said Anthony. "They stood. They stood up for this country and what it's all about so I can still stand today."

The tension left behind from the weekend continues to separate citizens with opposing views.

"A house that is divided will not stand. [Abraham] Lincoln said that a long time ago," said Anthony. "I believe it's a mistake for the President of the United States to say something that would further divide this country."

The protest began when Colin Kapernick decided to kneel as a protest against police brutality towards minorities.

"Police brutality is something that has continued over the years, it hasn't ended," said Anthony. "What's so important and making police brutality issues in these other states and other cities is this little device right here, everybody is a reporter."

No matter what side you are on, Anthony says he still believes athletes are doing the right thing by speaking out against injustice.

"There's no room for denial and the athletes that are protesting in their way, you have to stand up for something," said Anthony . " We all protest in what we feel comfortable to us, as a veteran, that's something I'm not comfortable doing."

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