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Local bars consider going non-smoking

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To smoke, or not to smoke? That seems to be the question for Amarillo bars lately.

Owner of Hoots Pub Casey Berry said they've discovered more people will not come to a smoking establishment.

Hoots Pub has posted a poll on Facebook to let their customers vote on whether or not they will make the change.

So far, they've received more votes in favor of non-smoking.

"For a long time we took the stance that 'hey we're a bar, people smoke in bars,' but you know people have a choice now," said Berry. "They can choose where they want to go and several establishments in Amarillo are nonsmoking. And I think that we're missing out on a big demographic that would like to come watch the music, but they don't want to be around the smoking."

NewsChannel10 decided to have a poll of our own, where we received more likes in favor of a non-smoking environment as well.

Mulligans Sports Pub posted a statement on Facebook today, saying times are changing.

Mulligans Sports Pub Owner and General Manager Bradley Winters said they have been a smoking bar for more than a decade, and they are ready to make the switch.

"It's been an internal debate with us for quite some time about not 'if' we're going to change, but 'when' we're going to change," said Winters.

While he believes it will bring them more business, Winters said his biggest concern is employees as the public adjusts to the change.

"When we do go non-smoking, there will be an adjustment period for that and we still have staff that has to provide for themselves and for their families," said Winters. "So we need to make sure they're going to get through that time of change along with the business."

MJ's Saloon and Grill just popped up this summer. Co-owner of MJ's Michael Morin said for them, the decision to be smoke free was obvious.

"It's hard to make everybody happy, especially in Amarillo, we're stuck in our ways, a lot of people are and they like what they like," said Morin. "But we've got an overwhelming positive response to the non-smoking."

Hoots will continue to allow people to smoke on their outdoor patio if they make the switch, and Winters said Mulligans will do the same.

If you'd like to cast your vote for Hoots Pub's smoking policy, click here.

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