Walmart working with Amarillo drivers to address gas mix-up problems

Walmart working with Amarillo drivers to address gas mix-up problems
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Dozens of people are in need of emergency car repairs after unknowingly putting the wrong type of gas in their cars at one Amarillo Walmart.

For a short span of time Tuesday morning, drivers who filled up their gas tanks at the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Arden Road noticed almost immediate problems starting and driving their cars.

That's because while they thought they were filling up with unleaded gas, it was actually diesel.

It was an unfortunate mistake that left around 50 Amarillo drivers with unexpected car repairs.

Walmart released a statement saying its gas supplier mixed up the fuel in their diesel and unleaded tanks at that one location.

Early yesterday, our supplier mixed up the fuel in our diesel and unleaded tanks at Walmart #7349 in Amarillo, TX. We shut down the pumps as soon as we became aware of the issue, and we immediately worked to purge and clean the lines. We worked quickly to replace the fuel and reopened early this afternoon. Service to our customers is a top priority and we apologize to any customers who were impacted by this. If you were affected, please contact store management so that we can work with our supplier to address your concerns.

So drivers hoping for unleaded gas Tuesday morning were left with cars that noticeably stopped working correctly.

Two of those cars were towed to Christian Brothers Automotive not far from the Arden Road Walmart.

"One of [the cars] was in the parking lot and was going very, very slow, about 2 miles an hour when normally that pedal position would have been about 20 miles or 30 miles an hour," said Brian Hoffman, Owner of Christian Brothers Automotive. "So just being able to drive wasn't going to happen."

Hoffman said it's a laborious process to fix the problem, but the cars affected will not have any permanent damage.

However, the repairs are pricey.

"For these folks it's been running around $500 or so," said Hoffman. "That's mainly of course just labor to drop the tank down, suck out all that bad fuel, clean out the lines and put it back up. So that's all we've [charged] is labor on those."

The gas lines at the Arden Road Walmart have been cleaned, the fuel was replaced and those pumps are now working correctly again.

Several drivers who were affected by this mix-up told NewsChannel 10 Walmart is now helping them file claim reports and giving them case numbers to address their car problems.

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