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New Biogas Upgrading Plant will produce renewable natural gas


High Plains Bio Energy in Guymon has started operation of their new Biogas Upgrading Plant.

The plant will produce pipeline-quality renewable natural gas that is recovered from wastewater lagoons at the Seaboard Foods pork processing plant in Guymon. 

"High Plains Bioenergy is dedicated to finding alternative energy sources and using the byproducts of the Seaboard Foods connected system responsibly and in a renewable way," said Executive Vice President of Seaboard Foods Gary Louis. "With our new biogas recovery plant, we're doing exactly what HPB has been charged to do, by taking what is often considered a waste product and making renewable energy from it." 

In the past, Seaboard Foods would recover raw biogas from the wastewater lagoons at the pork processing plant to heat the boilers in the processing facility. 

The updated plant will be able to produce 440 million cubic feet per year of recovered natural gas that can generate electricity for more than 5,300 homes a year. 

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