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Unique opportunity allows Panhandle students to experience "A Day at WT"

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Panhandle high school students are taking part in a unique opportunity in order to experience life as a college student.

Local high school students are getting the opportunity to see what it is like to be a college student with a fun new program called a 'Day at WT'.

A 'Day at WT' is designed to expose high school students to a college environment and encourage them to continue their education once they graduate.

Participants in the program will receive a tour of campus, are able to go and check out residence halls; they get the opportunity to sit in on college courses; and can even eat lunch at the WT dinning hall.

The program allows for unique experiences by allowing students to interact with faculty members and students leaders on campus.

In addition to taking part in the day-to-day college activities, on the agenda for the program is a visit to the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum. The historical museum an an integral part of WT and can be found on campus.

Students will also get to take place in leadership activities with members of WT's President's Ambassadors.

The whole idea for a 'Day at WT' was created after the university's President, Walter Wendler, took a tour of the Panhandle education system.

Back in August Wendler visited of all 66 high schools found in the Panhandle's top 26 counties.

Wendler received an overwhelming amount of generosity from all the schools and felt he needed to give the same kindness back to the students.

Wendler believes a 'Day at WT' allows him to give students the same invaluable experience he received.

“My visit of all 66 high schools in the top 26 counties was an exceptional journey,” said Wendler. “It deepened my perspective and strengthened my understanding of the schools and its students, all with some very warm Panhandle hospitality. These tours give me an opportunity to return their generosity and provide the students an invaluable experience with an exclusive look at college life and what it has to offer.”

On Monday September 18 high school students from Texline, Dimmitt, Highland Park and Childress took part in the program.

On Wednesday September 20 high school students from Kress, Sanford-Fritch, White Deer and Canyon will get the same experience.

For more information about a 'Day at WT' you can visit the college's website here.

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