Texas Tech University Health Sciences opens new simulations center

Texas Tech University Health Sciences opens new simulations center
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Texas Tech University Health Sciences is opening up a new simulation center for health services in Amarillo.

NewsChannel 10 received an exclusive tour of the building before it opened to see what made it the perfect training ground for people entering into the medical field.

Inside the facility there a more than a dozen life-like mannequins for training use.

All the mannequins range in age from a middle-aged person all the way down to a newborn. One mannequin is even able to simulate a live birth.

Senior Director of SimCentral John Smoot said the new building is a tremendous tool for students and he is excited to put it to operation.

"We're extremely excited about it," said Smoot. "This is a showcase center. It's one of very few like this certainly in the state, especially in this area."

In addition to the multiple simulators that are able to replicate almost any type of medical emergency, the 20,000 square foot facility has a series of other state-of-the art features.

The new building includes a mock pharmacy, doctors rooms, classrooms and other teaching aids.

"The resource area allows us to do skills training," said Smoot. "[There are] procedure trainers, where [students] learn to put in an IV, put in a full catheter, put in sutures, listen to heart sounds, breath sounds, heart murmurs. These are all things they will do on trainers so they can be better prepared when they go to take care."

Smoot said the new technology is all in the effort to prepare students for real-life scenarios they may encounter and is confident they will be prepared.

"What this allows us to do is get student doctors, nurses, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, all working together as the learn so they learn teamwork, they learn communication," said Smoot. "We know most bad events happen because of communication. What this allows them to do is get to learn this experience here in a safe environment."

The true enjoyment Smoot said comes from watching the students they teach grow ion their respective fields.

"We enjoy watching the students gain confidence and gain capabilities to take care of their patients," said Smoot. "We work with students that are in a two year program all the way up in to 8 to 10 year programs. So we watch them kinda grow, and kinda watch them gain that knowledge, gain that experience. And then they're all ready to go out and take care of patients it's very rewarding."

Smoot said while the building is Texas Tech, the health center works with medical centers all over the Panhandle.

"We go out into the region," said Smoot. "We have a mobile clinical unit and we pack up; we go Dalhart, Canadian, Diamond. I mean, we go all over the place. It's hard for those smaller facilities to come here and experience this kind of training so we take it to them."

Anyone who would like to see what the new facility is all about is welcome to come and enjoy a tour.

"We're extremely excited about the space," said Smoot. "We would love for them to come out see the new space, share the space. It's great for the Amarillo Texas Tech campus, it's great for the healthcare community. And we'd just love to share it with them."

The ribbon cutting ceremony for the new building is September 15 at 10:00 a.m. Anyone from the public is invited to come check it out, and get a tour of the new facilities.

The facility is located at 1280 S. Coulter.

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