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Canyon ISD continues to put students' safety first

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Knowing what to do no matter the situation is always important to law enforcement and administrators when it comes to student safety.

In Canyon ISD, they make sure they do just that by maintaining a great relationship between the liaison officers and the community.

"We want to develop relationships with parents just as well," said Sergeant Jerome Godfrey. "Not just the parents, I tell my guys we want to develop relationships with the community around that school."

Sergeant Godfrey said programs like "Student Crime Stoppers" help them get tips on issues they might miss. 

"We've had here for, I want to say 25 plus years, what it is it's kind of like the adult program, but in that program, we advertise it all over the school," said Sergeant Godfrey. "The kids can call in on a tip, and if the tips followed up and if something is done on it such as an arrest, or whatever it is because there's a lot of multitude of things that get called in, then they can get paid a reward of cash."

Tim Gilliland is principal at Canyon High School and says constant practice of safety drills makes students aware on how to react in case of any type of emergency 

"Our system of protocols that we have with our safety drills, the kids have heard the terminology," said Gilliland. "They may not know where to go, but they have heard it all before. And so they understand how to act, and that really makes it good. When the real thing happens, the kids respond well and it helps the situation."

Partnering with law enforcement allows Principal Gilliland and his staff to understand what to do in the situation they have to take matters into their own hands.

"You want to be as prepared as you can be and you hope it never happens, but there is a sense of relief knowing that we've got a great partner in our local police department and local law enforcement agencies." said Gilliland.

Canyon ISD continues to stress safety throughout their school year by hosting a safety day at the beginning of each semester.

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