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Amarillo closing brush sites and opening a single site at landfill


The City of Amarillo is closing its brush sites and opening a single one located at the city's landfill.

The city hopes this will solve several issues, including the issue of people misusing brush sites.

"Because they will no longer be unmanned, they won't be a target for illegal dumping," said Amarillo Solid Waste Collection Superintendent David Lehfeldt.

The new site at the landfill will be fenced, as well as have a guard to make sure only brush will be at the site.

Another issue with the current brush sites is that they are too small. 

"Brush site facilities currently do not have the space needed to be housed within our city limits right now," said Amarillo Public Works Director Raymond Lee.

Lee says large amount of brush in a small space can be a fire hazard. 

"It doesn't take much for a fire to spread," said Lee. "Moving it to an isolated location helps us for safety reasons."

A drawback of the new brush site is that it will be a longer drive for Amarillo residents.

"Anywhere from 13 to 15 minutes it would take someone to get from where they are going now to the actual landfill," said Lee.

It will save city employees time to focus on processing the brush instead of driving to collect it.

However, some Amarillo residents say they don't feel the new improvements are worth the extra time it takes to drive to the landfill.

"I would like for them to keep them open so it would be convenient for them to haul off our limbs and stuff," said Amarillo Resident Frank Douglas.

The new brush site at the landfill will not charge for brush services, but the site will charge tree trimming businesses

The four brush sites will close Sept. 22, and the brush site at the landfill is already open for residents to use.

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