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7 people suing people and companies associated with Ruby Tequila's

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Employees of the restaurant Ruby Tequila's are suing several people and companies associated with the restaurant. 

Seven people who have been employed at Ruby Tequila's filed the suit based on the Fair Labor Standards Act. 

The suit says hundreds of employees were affected by the closing of two locations in Lubbock and two in Amarillo, and many have gone unpaid for work done before the closings.

"Some affected employees have lost their homes or face eviction, have been unable to pay their bills, and cannot even get unemployment benefits because their employer failed to pay their unemployment taxes," the suit states.

The employees are suing Fired Up Holding Company, Inc., Richard Kevin Foote, Magdalena Baier, R Tequila Acquisition, LLC, Chalak Mitras Group, LLC, Gurdev Singh Gill, M.D. and Rajeev Singh Gill. 

Editor's Note: The full lawsuit filed Thursday can be found below.

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