Our Perspective on donating supplies to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

Our Perspective on donating supplies to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

Our fellow Texans and Southern Louisianans were struck hard by Hurricane Harvey.

The stats are overwhelming, and the stories of homes lost, lives devastated and the overall damage is unbelievable.

In my discussions with many in our area, people want to help. Hundreds of people are engaged in on-the-ground efforts including going to the affected areas to help and forming fundraisers.

In recent reports from humanitarians who help people rebuild, a warning has come forward.

In the wake of disaster people sometimes lose everything, but they do not need everything sent to them to rebuild.

The warning is simple: be mindful of what we send.

Tangible items cause sorting, distribution and storage concerns.

How does one sort everything sent and get it to the right outlets? Sometimes this is so overwhelming it becomes wasted support.

Today's Perspective:  Before you decide to gather items to send, coordinate with someone in the area and identify what is needed.

As an example, the Texans Helping Texans food drive we are assisting with Wednesday is in coordination with the High Plains Food Bank and the Houston Food Bank. We can deliver much needed resources directly to an outlet that has immediate needs.

Money is always the most efficient resource. It is portable, easy to ship, easy to store and the most flexible. If you can simply donate money, The American Red Cross is in need, but you may have a different approach.

Call a church, coordinate with someone you trust - a person or an organization - and route them your support.

And if you want to simply say a prayer or send words of encouragement via social media that is encouraged as well.

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