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Residents question what will happen next with DACA cancellation

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The Trump administration's decision to repeal the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals has one West Texas A&M adviser asking questions.

"Why, to be honest? Why would an administration end a program that benefits students who, for the most part, have been here all of their lives, have completed high school or in the process of completing high school, some of them are in college," said Juan Gallardo, adviser to the Hispanic Student Association at West Texas A&M  .

"Getting DACA is not something that you get just because you're here. There's a process that you have to apply, there's a lot of requirements that you have to meet."

Gallardo said canceling DACA could be a let down to students who are working towards receiving a degree.. 

"We might even get a couple students here in our college discouraged because if they're here under DACA, then they are not going to have a reason to continue their education," said Gallardo '

"Why, if I'm not guaranteed a job when I graduate or I'm not guaranteed an opportunity for a job when I graduate," said Gallardo. "The effect are not just going to be felt locally or just in our students, it's something that's going to affect us all. "

Nationwide, nearly 800,000 DACA recipients are given work permits, and immigration attorney, Zelda Vasquez said losing them could mean a huge blow to our economy and their livelihood.
"Many of our clients work in hospitals, work in banks, and financial institutions. They work as heads of businesses; they work in high priority jobs," said Vasquez. "For them losing that work authorization is a huge blow because they've been here since they were children, and they have nowhere to go and nothing to do other than what they are doing right now." 

People with work permits that expire on or before March 5, 2018 can still renew their work permits. Children just turning 15 who have not applied for DACA, will not be able to after today.

 "I have friends on DACA, and I know good people on DACA who look just like me or anyone walking down the street and you would never know they don't have legal status," said Vasquez. "To watch them have to go through the heartbreak of not being able to support their  family or contribute to the community in which they have lived in for years, it really hurts."

This morning the president released a tweet aimed at Congress pushing for legislation in reference to DACA for them to seek a solution.

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