After missing for more than a month, Allison Dickey is returning home

After missing for more than a month, Allison Dickey is returning home
SOURCE: Wheeler County Sheriff's Office
SOURCE: Wheeler County Sheriff's Office

WHEELER COUNTY, TX (KFDA) - Allison Dickey is reuniting with her family tonight after being missing for more than a month. Her parents praised the Wheeler County Sheriff's Office for all of their hard work, but they understand they have a long way to go.

Green ribbons line the dickey's driveway to their home in Allison, a sign of hope that their little girl would return home soon.

"We were here at the house fixing to go to Wheeler, to pick up some more green ribbons that a little girl in wheeler makes for us," said Allison's mother, Donna Dickey. "That's when we got the call."

A sigh of relief, but they still fear the unknown.

"We still didn't know what to expect with anything like that, but at least we know where she's at," said Allison's father, Rick Dickey.

Charles W. Kuentzel II was arrested in connection with her disappearance, and faces multiple charges.

"They told me they've got him for endangering the welfare of a child which is a first degree felony in Missouri," said Wheeler County Sheriff Wes Crites. "They've also got him on a kidnapping first degree felony."

Allison's parents say they tracked her location through Snapchat

After seeing an interview with her father on T.V., Allison posted it on social media where investigator's at the sheriff's office picked it up.

They then issued an arrest warrant for Kuentzel.

Both her parents and the sheriff believe Allison was subjected to human trafficking.

"She's too young to really know what she's getting herself into," said Crites. "I'd have to encourage all parents that they need to be aware of what this social media is becoming."

Allison's parents say most people wouldn't expect this to happen in a small town like Wheeler.

That's where it does happen," said Rick. "Little towns where kids haven't got that much to do to keep them busy and off of social media."

"I've had several people say, 'Well we check our daughter's phone.' Nobody checked it anymore than we did," said Donna. "I opened everything on her phone. We didn't have a clue that there was a back door."

The sheriff's office just held a human trafficking program last week in Wheeler to educate the community, and they plan to have more in the future.

For more information on the program, contact the Wheeler County Sheriff's Office at (806) 826-5537.

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