Family loses everything to Hurricane Harvey, now call Amarillo home

Family loses everything to Hurricane Harvey, now call Amarillo home

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - A family who lost everything to Hurricane Harvey is now calling Amarillo home.

The Anderson's and their six kids took a trip to the lake, but when they returned they found their home and family restaurant destroyed by Hurricane Harvey.

Upon learning about the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Leonora Anderson's cousin reached out to them.

After hearing that the family had lost everything, Leonora Anderson's cousin posted to an Amarillo Facebook group about their loss, and the Anderson's said they were shocked to see the community's response.

"She reached out and did one posting, and all of the sudden all of Amarillo just started helping," said Leonora.

An Amarillo real estate agent reached out to find the Anderson's a home in Amarillo, and a church replaced the clothes and essentials they had lost in the hurricane.

"I didn't know them, but I love them," said Leonora. "I can't say that enough because they were like don't worry about it we have people bringing you something to eat, don't worry. You are at home."

The Anderson's children also were grateful for Amarillo community support.

"Thank you Amarillo for helping my family and for getting us a home, we wouldn't have made it without tall," said 10 year old Leon Anderson.

The Anderson say they are here to stay, and plan on enrolling their children in school for the spring.

"God asked for us to go somewhere else if that's what  he wants us to do," said Leonora. "I think this is where we are supposed to be. I would never want to leave somewhere that has so much love in their community."

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